Mayfair Island Set

Click here for the thread containing MAYFAIR ISLAND created by the superb and ultra talented Rflong7


Harbour Buildings

These should be placed in order from the lighthouse around the harbour of Mayfair Island. Click on the links below the pictures to take a look at the available properties

The Lighthouse Cottages

The Village Shop

Balamory Town Houses

Mayfair Island Church and Graveyard (Wedding Venue)

Click Here to Download The Old Manse

Click here to download Firefly Cottage

 Civic & Commercial Buildings

Mayfair Island Town Hall

Mayfair Island School

Click here to download Bessie's Beauty Parlour


Residential Island Properties

Strath Cottage

Click here to download butterfly Cottage

Click here to download Sunflower Cottage


There are households available for all residential lots in my Mayfair Island Set, just click this link to view the available households in my studio


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  1. So gorgeous, so sad I can't download it :-(